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Adrienne B. Hancock, Ph.D, CCC-SLP is an Associate Professor at The George Washington University. Dr. Hancock’s primary research addresses voice and communication as it relates to gender expression, particularly for people who are transgender. She has examined voice physiology as well as the psychosocial influence of voice and communication skills for transgender speakers. Additional areas of inquiry are pedagogical practice in higher education, and treatment outcome studies using single-subject design.


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Dr. Hancock commits to the ongoing process of cultural humility - being aware of one's own values and beliefs and how they interact with those of others. This can be uncomfortable, particularly as one discovers the harm that particular worldviews they hold can bring. Yet it is critical for healing and preventing further harm (this link provides an example for researchers). Clinical and social sciences are not objective, thus it is imperitive that we be willing to reflect on the many and dynamic ways personal context may interact with professional practice. In some cases it can be useful to disclose those interactions. More rationale and instructions for how to do so is here and this article is instructive and discusses insider vs outsider influence on research. Ideally these would be disclosed in discussion in order to avoid assumptions and misunderstandings.

Dr. Hancock (she/her) is Jesus-following, white- European, straight, cisgender woman in the United States - among other things less relevant to this website. Tremendous harm to people outside of these groups is caused by people inside of these groups, so conscious consideration of these worldviews impacting the work presented here is needed. Dr. Hancock continues to learn from and partner with people who shed light on the intricacies of culture in interactions and bring additional worldviews to the work.

It is her hope that any privilege from these parts of her identity or her position as a professor at a university is used to increase understanding and equitable treatment of marginalized communities, without taking away opportunities for voices of LGBTQIA+ people to be heard.

In addition to donating time and resources beyond those required for her employment, at least half of her honoraria and royalties are donated to organizations supporting trans and non-binary individuals, such as: 

National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)  

Transgender Law Center

Trevor Project

The Reformation Project  

Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat and Historical Center

Scholarships for voice therapy at Prismatic Speech Services (owned by Kevin Dorman) 

TransVoice Initiative 

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