Current Opportunities

"User-Centered Design for Gamified App for Voice and Communication"

This study is being done to help us better understand utility of gamified smartphone apps to supplement transgender voice and communication intervention. In this study we are consulting prospective users regarding their preferences.

Total time to complete the study is approximately 90 minutes, which includes completion of an online survey and a 30-min interview about your preferences and a second 30-minute interview to clarify and confirm summarized input. The interviews will be via videoconference and recorded, though you can choose to have your camera off or on. There are minimal risks (e.g., confidentiality breached; discomfort or boredom). Benefits for participation include increased awareness of your preferences. You will also receive $70 for taking part in the study.

You must be over 18 years of age and the gender you were presumed/assigned at birth does not match your gender. Please contact Dr. Hancock or her research student, Maura Philippone, at  to arrange a time to participate.